Treadmill T3


Our goal was to manufacture a treadmill that people would like to use instead of running outdoors. So, we built a

revolutionary treadmill that's fully-loaded with patented technology and exclusive performance features, perfect as running, walking, and jogging machines. Our treadmills are equipped with Multiple Shock Absorber System (M.S.A.S.), reproducing the natural way the user steps on the ground, while running or walking. This system reduces shock and impact to the knees, back, and joints.


Additional Info

  • Instruction Table:
        • Length
        • 216 cm
        • Width
        • 90 cm
        • Height
        • 152 cm
        • Weight
        • 204 kg
        • Features
          • high-quality ac motor and precise motor control
          • higher torque even in a low speed
          • ultra quiet operation of unit and minimal vibration enhance workout experience
          • belt leaning control
          • enhanced hard frame structure
          • pre-lubred and reversible deck 
          • various built-in programs
          • goal-oriented programs
          • h/r programs (cardiovascular, fat burn, stamina, etc)
          • possibility to add customized programs
          • advanced setup manager mode
          • low profile structure
          • multiple shock absorption system delivers ongoing stability and cushioning to minimize impacy on joints
          • nano-silver antimicrobial handlebar
          • touch-sensitive control buttons
          • 2 kinds of emergency keys buttons

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