In the new concept of training, CoreUp gives answers to the ever-growing and widespread concern for the people of the abdominal area, and reward them with the first station all in one that is training the core and completely defined in all points.

An effective training for injury prevention and to improve the performance of regular daily activities to sports performance.
With the CoreUp station there is nothing to install, just enter, locate and select the weight.

And of course Teca has also thought how to incorporate these essential workouts in one station to work together with a training routine. Allowing more fun adding some movement to that focuses on improving the stability required for daily life. Balls, steps and many other materials, such as a stair TECA T3, for example, can activate the deep muscles in support of the core and the core as a support to the buttock.

CoreUp satisfies customers by showing how to involve their routine with new ideas from this station, which is surrounded also by attractive design. It allows the user to train a very important part of the human body, which they desire to see fast results from, Coreup will be a new gift for their bodies.
Find an appropriate place in your fitness room and choose how many machines you want.

The configuration also allows multiple group sessions and with the addition of simple accessories that focus on core stability, which can further increase the number of users. Are your customers ready for a concentrated workout with CoreUp? This will give birth to a new slang in the language of your club:
"let's Core up people!

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