We grow together with the new generations

Do not underestimate that being concerned about the next generation puts you in the media spotlight. Talking about the welfare of children puts your club high up in attention, defines you definitely from the antique but still existing misunderstanding that fitness clubs attract only big men and slim ladies. Gymboy® consists of ten working stations. But are children forced to do a machine training? We prefer to arrange duos which make you work with twenty children! Next to every station you can place a playful attribute. Trampolines, steps, whatever you can lay your hands on in your club can and will be suitable. You just wouldn’t believe how creative you will be in letting children focus on their core stability and their coordination and flexibility systems.

- innovate and different for any manner of club, helping to increase the number of proposed activities.
- increases the enrollment of young members with the most effective way to capture the imaginative stimulation for the youngest of gym users.
- is an opportunity to appeal to parents who desire to accompany their children and include them in club activities.
- builds boys and girls loyalty over time, which gives you an opportunity to retain memberships from an early age through to adulthood.
- Increases advertising capacity to promote the image of club, with educational and cultural possibilities which can result in the return of new subscriptions.We grow together with the new generations.

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