Each boy Gymboy ® is a sample

Gymboy® is a revolutionary training system for children, consisting of ten strength machines for the exercise in the upright position: easy to use and are not adjustable which allows for fun and effective circuit training with confidence. Beautiful, colorful, attractive, cheerful, even in form, Gymboy® machines are designed to attract children and encourage them to engage in regular physical activity already in childhood.
Gymboy® to TECA is like an inspiring gym class, with lots of recognisable, variable and happy movements on much more than the ten machines alone. It is all about working together, learning about each other’s skills and capacities in a non-competitive atmosphere. Being young as in the old days sometimes was like attending a boot camp. Hard, but beneficial to many physical and mental structures. Unfortunately, that has been taken away from many young children by lack of natural wild playing grounds and slacking physical education at school.
Being overweight or unskilled, or not being the leader of the pack, every child is a winner in Gymboy®. A first glance at our beautiful mini Switching® machines makes people sometimes say: "Strength training for young children? Are you out of your mind?" TECA replies: "Do not take us wrongly, our machines simply resemble children’s movements as if they were playing outside". Standing on their own two feet, pulling, pushing each other, lifting things, getting out of balance because something unexpected happens.

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