Hey kids, put your GameBoy aside and join in for Gymboy®

Join us in taking responsibility for the next generations. GymBoy® offers everything necessary for young children to get acquainted again to natural and playful movement. TECA says: "Hey kids, put your GameBoy aside and join in for an hour of motivating GymBoy®."

Gymboy® is a new and exclusive range of strength machines tailored for children from 8 to 14 years, which allows them to engage in simple and fun, safe and effective, fun group classes.
These machines are designed both for general training as well as for physical preparation for any sport or rehabilitation. Before producing this range, Teca has investigated all aspects of medical, related scientific and methodological training with regards to childhood growth and overloading, since this is an important and delicate time for the mental and physical development of children. Only after taking into account the latest scientific evidence and international guidelines in the field of pediatrics, Teca began a long theoretical study of biomechanical and anthropometric type, which resulted in the design of Gymboy®, without neglecting the active experimentation and the development of the field specific training protocols. Gymboy® incorporates all aspects of Teca innovative systems which we also successfully apply to the Switching® line for adults, in particular the Standing Workout (exercise in the upright position), which reduces the load on the spine and also allows both to train the stabilizing muscles and is important for the correct body posture. SELF ESTEEM! Gymboy® training increases posture, flexibility, coordination, muscle synergy, metabolism, cardio-vascular endurance and most of all: self-esteem.

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