My Shape – to win the challenge against the critical parts of the body!

We have designed a system of equipment, each one targeting a specific problem area of the female body: two for legs, one for tummies, and three for bottoms - the only machines ever made that will train all muscles in this area of the body at the one time. We have combined them with two high-performance cardio machines that are particularly effective for working out the glutes area, and which will softly but firmly burn calories in a low-impact workout.

The result is a unique system, with special protocols that allow work to sculpt the legs, abdomen and buttocks in a surprising way and with visible results in 6 weeks, true and tested.

The system

Crosswalk cross trainer
Bend abdominal
Open abductor
Close abductor
Kick gluteus kick
Press gluteus press
Stretch standing gluteus

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