Lower Back


This piece of equipment has been designed to provide an efficient workout of the lower back muscles. By adjusting the seat height, you can find the correct position in line with the axis of the machine. It has been fitted with a ROM device that limits the range of movement of the back making it suitable for rehabilitative purposes.

Additional Info

  • Instruction Table:
    • Lenght
    • 124 cm
    • Width
    • 75 cm
    • Height
    • 172 cm
    • Weight
    • 203 kg
    • Weight stack
    • 60 kg
    • Features
      • New finishes:Teca exclusive paint Metallic Silver
      • New carter:plexiglas methacrylate smoked shade
      • New sitting:two-colored valuable fabrics and handles
      • New graphics: refined and elegant instructions on plexiglas
      • New selectors:practical and recognizable grips highlighted in yellow

    Exercise Movie


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