Leg Curl


This is the perfect machine to tone and build up the muscles on the back of the thighs or femoralischial portion (consisting of the biceps femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranosus hamstring muscles and to a lesser extent the gastrocnemius). It is also used for correction of the knee and in postmenisectomy functional rehabilitation to improve knee stability. It is fitted with adjustable padded rollers and the contoured padding has been specially designed to exploit the optimal workout angle without working the back muscles and large gluteal muscles as often happens on more traditional machines.

Additional Info

  • Instruction Table:
    • Length
    • 148 cm
    • Width
    • 78 cm
    • Heigth
    • 172 cm
    • Weight
    • 198 kg
    • Weight stack
    • 80 kg
    • Features
      • Safe and comfortable hand and elbow rest
      • Special cushion angle reduces load on lumbar vertebrae
      • Nylon-coated Smooth Weight Stack System
      • Fast Selection System enables user to change load from working position
      • Variable Resistance Cam
      • ROM fitted as standard

    Exercise Movie


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