Designed to provide the greatest possible workout for the pectoral muscles while gradually working the synergic muscles of the body with perfect posture, this machine goes beyond conventional production principles and appeals to experts for its innovative features, making it ideal for more elite athletes from a variety of different sports too. Our technicians based their designs on three main objectives:
1)A convergent movement that adapts perfectly to the adductor function of the pectoral muscles that are naturally contracted and an extension of the arms with relative contraction/extension of the front deltoids, triceps and the serratus posterior.
2)Minimize friction and the effect of the compressive load on the shoulder, scapula and wrist muscle-tendon group thanks to a self-regulating mechanical device mounted on the hand grips;
3)Being able to work the medial and upper pectorals individually by adjusting the height of the seat and the lower muscles by way of the second pair of hand grips.

Additional Info

  • Instruction Table:
    • Length
    • 160 cm
    • Width
    • 135 cm
    • Height
    • 184 cm
    • Weight
    • 224 kg
    • Weight stack
    • 100 kg
    • Features
      • New finishes:Teca exclusive paint Metallic Silver
      • New carter: plexiglas methacrylate smoked shade
      • Speciale snodo per ridurre al minimo lo stress sull’articolazione del polso
      • New sitting: two-colored valuable fabrics and handles
      • New graphics: refined and elegant instructions on plexiglas
      • New selectors: practical and recognizable grips highlighted in yellow

    Exercise Movie


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