Thanks to the torso support pad, with this piece of equipment the upper back and lattissimus dorsi muscles can be excellently isolated whilst avoiding any use of the lower back muscles. The torso pad provides an optimal support without hindering arm movement. It can also be adjusted to allow the correct workout position to be found for any arm length. The height of the seat can be adjusted and the contoured handgrips offer different grip options.

Additional Info

  • Instruction Table:
    • Length
    • 133 cm
    • Width
    • 95 cm
    • Height
    • 172 cm
    • Weight
    • 184 kg
    • Weight stack
    • 80 kg
    • Features
      • New finishes:Teca exclusive paint Metallic Silver
      • New carter:plexiglas methacrylate smoked shade
      • SNew sitting: two-colored valuable fabrics and handles
      • Smooth Weight Stack System pacco piastra rivestito in Nylon
      • New graphics: refined and elegant instructions on plexiglas
      • New selectors:practical and recognizable grips highlighted in yellow

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