With this machine you can work individually on the back and medial-upper scapula-upper arm muscles from the seated position and in almost total isolation from the lower back muscles. Thanks to its particular features, it is suitable for users suffering from lumbago or vertebra problems.  Thanks to the self-regulating chest pad, the mid-torso back muscles can be exercised from full contraction to incomplete extension, improving posture and limiting scapula defects in the young. The range of movement with divergent trajectory faithfully reproduces the natural capacities of the muscles exercised.

Additional Info

  • Instruction Table:
    • Length
    • 130 cm
    • Width
    • 68 cm
    • Height
    • 208 cm
    • Weight
    • 200 kg
    • Weight stack
    • 100 kg
    • Features
      • Seat height adjustment for better use by people of all sizes
      • Sitting position to minimize the intervention of Lumbar action
      • Self Adjusting Pad System appoggio toracico imbottito e auto-regolante
      • Arms follow an independent line divergent
      • Smooth Weight Stack System pack plate coated Nylon

    Exercise Movie


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