Fun & Functional

Already in 2000 Teca introduced standing innovation as a joyful answer to immovability. We designed ten machines, gathered in a versatile multi-target training, highly functional in intervals of one, one and a half or two minutes, focusing on muscle tone, fat burning, anti-ageing, post-rehab and most of all improving core stability. This highly "fun & functional training" can be done in no more than twenty minutes providing your customers with a complete exercise. Everybody of all ages can join in. Arrange group sessions or let the machines be used at any time of the day, for all sorts of training.

Multi Target Training

It is obvious to many: if you want to face the physical resistance daily life presents, you need a multi-target training that emphasises core stability. Because in the core runs the engine of all active movements. In the core you find your personal strength and especially: your self-esteem. Switching® is well-accepted: this first standing innovation concept won the FIBO 2002 Innovation Award. In 2007 a special Switching version for young children entered the stage, called Gymboy. And recently more varieties have been designed, like Beauty and Lady Switching® for the women’s market. And standing innovation has much more potential!

How to make money with Switching®?

Put Switching® in the middle of your training room, available to use every opening hour. Considering the fact that it is a short training (20 minutes) you can provide three group classes every hour. Switching® made active every minute of your opening hours. Can you imagine: There is always something happening in the gym. The room comes alive! Members used to doing their thing individually are invited to join in for a short, intensive and motivating training together. That makes people curious: "Hey, working out can be fun too!". And in the slow hours, people can use the circuit themselves if you provide them with an interval clock. And then there is the possibility of activating Switching in physical therapist and personal training programmes. And think about special training moments for elderly people. Great group training sessions are limited by the availability of space, agenda and availability of expensive instructors.That means that your investment can be made profitable only at certain hours of the day. Switching® is available in your club every minute of the day, with or without instructors!

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