The machines are compact, very versatile, easy to move

The Switching® strength circuit is composed of 10 machines that allow you to train in an upright position, creating situations that mimic and maintain the natural movements of everyday life. The machines are compact, very versatile, easy to move. You can arrange this equipment in any space of your gym, whatever big or small.

Why Switching® in your Fitness Club?

  • It is the only system of strength machines in the standing position
  • Easy to use because there are no adjustments
  • Easy to use by the trainer
  • Can be integrated with the traditional machines that are located in the training room
  • It has a modern and refined design
  • It is versatile and usable in accordance with the wishes and objectives of our clients.
  • Reduces costs by optimising space freeing up more working space in your gym for maximum membership
  • Offers training programs that reflect the trend in fitness today: fast, efficient, safe and fun
  • It is a pleasant and fun news for customers of the club

Switching® allows the owner of the fitness centre to offer more services and thus higher quality, using the machines to individual records as the traditional strength-training, but also for group training to music. There can be organised lessons which are fun and effective at certain times of the day or on certain days of the week or times of year, when customers need more encouragement to continue to attend the centre. Switching® creates the preconditions for increasing customer loyalty and stimulates the curiosity of potential new members, offers greater possibilities of success for the fitness centre even during the off peak seasons of the year.

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