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From the steel bar to the finished product: quality is always under control thanks to internal production. We manage and control the whole productive cycle with forefront systems, following the making of every machine in every single phase. The design & planning, research & development, marketing departments, the sales offices, the productive lines, the warehouse, are all located in the same facility in order to make effective the coordination of all the production phases. The factory in Ortona, which occupies a total area of 34.000 meters squared, is only an example of a great series of investments of a company in continuous expansion, whose growth during the last few years has been absolutely relevant. With an investment of approximately 6 million euro, TECA continues the policy of consolidating a vital and dynamic team, who develops infrastructures and believes in the importance of the human resources. .

Production Phases

Design and planning
Inventions able to innovate the world of fitness. We work with a team of experts in the medical and biomechanical field and research laboratories. They are involved in every step of the planning phase with a common objective: to bring into reality extraordinary ideas, result of great intuition and deep knowledge of the market.
Raw Materials Acquiring
Our quality begins with the selection of the raw materials. Special anti-scratch steel, top leather upholstery, high density polyurethanes for paddings, anti-slide aluminium footrests, slabs and counterbalances covered in nylon, radial Bearings and bearings before wrap: the best of the market, selected with cure in order to guarantee a product of highest level, being assured maximum protection of hygiene and health of the final customer and a lowest environmental impact on them.
Precision Cutting
Precision cutting that executes and fully respects the details of the product blueprint : from the first phase we strive ourselves to give the maximum accuracy, in order to guarantee an exact realization of the product, facilitating and optimizing the following phase of the production cycle.

Tooling Machines
With a complex and elaborated process everything goes through our press machines, which prepares the semi-finished products for a very important phase, the welding. Teca is recognised as the first company in this field to produce and use round tubular frames, we have given form to one of our primeval intuitions equipping our factory of machinery in order to bend, using special tubes able to resist the curving process without having structural weakenings.
Equipped with more than ten working stations, we trust the competence and craftsmanship of our professional welders, all of them with a patented multi-decennial experience. We are one of the few companies able to manage directly this delicate phase of working, constantly monitored thanks to periodic tests carried out in a highly specialized center.
Sand blasting
Important process necessary for the realization of a perfect painting, it is carried out with a top level machine: very small high-speed steel spheres smoothen, and make perfectly homogenous the surface of the frame, eliminating possible residual iron and welding slags, with the aim to guarantee a uniform distribution of the color.

One of the more complex and critical workings of the productive cycle realized in the factory and controlled in real time. In a technologically modern and advanced tunnel, the pieces follow a circuit of polishing, double cleaning with demineralised and normal water, in order to increase the adherence of thermo-enduring powders successively applied in the polymerization furnace. The result is a perfect painting finish at the highest level, that guarantees total resistance to sweat and humidity, normally present in sports centers.
Every piece is assembled manually and with extreme accuracy by greatly experienced workers. Using high-quality materials, avoiding through accurate controls the use of any toxic substance, the finished product is tested put in every single detail. Even the residual remains of scrap of the production process managed in compliance with the reference certification Iso 14001.

Warehouse and Delivery
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