An irresistible temptation: easy to buy, easy to sell. Beauty brings you the very best of technology and design: imagine how easy it could be to sell a 20 minute session. It just takes one session a day to cover your investment, so from the second one on, every session is money in your pocket, a surefire way to boost your business.
Could you image what Beauty can do for your business?
Beauty's ultimate location is as part of a health&fitness program in Spas, Thermal Resorts, Hotels and Holiday Villages, either as the defining final touch to traditional facilities or opening up a whole new exercise dimension. Beauty is a brand new concept for premium fitness clubs, and the perfect solution to offer users who care about their health and wellbeing but are not overly fond of traditional exercise classes. Beauty is also perfect for weight loss centres, giving them a brand new tool to offer clients for faster, more effective results. Results that you can see and touch... for your clients and your business.

Hotels & Resorts
Beauty caters effortlessly to the needs of the more discerning of exercisers looking for gentle, relaxing movements in a stylish, smart environment where design is also a premium.

Spa & Health Centres
Beauty means health and wellbeing: the secret lies in the use of natural movements that reflects natural human biomechanics and physiology, making them ideal for the pursuit of natural harmony.

Beauty Farms
Beauty is for customers who love natural exercise routines that work all main muscle groups, giving them a total body experience and overall sense of wellbeing, in perfect harmony with their true nature.

Premium Fitness Clubs
Beauty is for upmarket, professional health clubs, extending their appeal with style and originality, and offering a new option to members who have no space in their lifestyles for the more traditional fitness activities.


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