Let nature guide your motion to the real harmony: yours

Beauty is physical perfection. Beauty sculpts. Beauty combines the benefits of a standing workout with the dynamic aspects and technology of a circuit that works all main muscle groups to perfection, the real key to perfect physical fitness, inside and out. With Beauty, physical exercise becomes an overall sensory experience, as each station and associated exercise is accompanied by evocative natural images in which the perceptive experience mixes reality with fantasy, technology with imagination. A truly genius solution to help users embrace exercise in the most natural of ways,
engaging both mind and body in easy movements that are as simple and fluid as they are effective in achieving the number one objective: beauty!

Sky & Moon shoulder and back activator
Mount & River pectoral and back activator
Tree arm activator
Flower leg activator
Hedge glute and leg activator
Sun core activator




For women
The focus is more on the need to work on fat deposits on thighs, hips, bottom and tummy in the lower body, and on the backs of arms in the upper body, where localized fat is usually accompanied by a loss of muscle tone.

For men
The attention is directed more to the abdominal area and to working large muscle masses in both the lower and upper body to encourage the breakdown of fat cells.


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