Design, biomechanics and engineering come together with this perfect and refined range of machines. Teca Isotonic machines come with 25 years of experience; Made in Italy with advanced technological research for the production of the best training devices today.

The uniqueness of our systems has deep roots and a long history of success.

In 1985 TECA entered the fitness world and in 1986 the first strength machines were born.
Immediately we showed our innovative skills in 1989 by inventing the first bi-articular machines in the market.
The Advanced Hack Squat, a special creation of TECA, has allowed for the first time to train the quadriceps reproducing the movement of the traditional barbell squat. Known worldwide for its peculiarities, it is equipped with pantograph tilting, which allows the back to accompany the body during exercise with a tilting movement.
The same specialist design has led to the worldwide success of the Advanced Leg Press, the first press with a tilting platform that enables better support the foot during the entire movement of thrust. The Leg Press with its tilting platform reduces the pressure on the lumbar spine that caused serious injuries to athletes who lifted heavy loads with the traditional leg press.
Innovation has become our signature: in 1990 we introduced "Flexus", the first machine with a round tubular frame, followed in 1991 by the first machines with pantograph and overhead equipment to improve the safe movement.
Always fascinated by how to perfect motion of the body, in 1993 we have developed machines that now are all biomechanically designed to perfect strength and have been built to fully take into account the most modern and scientific principles to reduce injury. With advanced systems, such as the R.O.M. device on all models, the strength range within Teca is the ideal choice both for fitness and for rehabilitation. Our equipment offers those who train at gyms secure knowledge and belief that our machines benefit the workout through cutting-edge design and a continuous technological development.

Range of Motion
The lack of joint mobility is often linked to poor muscle balance, if overloaded with training in isolated muscle groups of the body, then trouble can develop and joint pain will begin.
Our joints move through joint degrees, which is defined by a physiological range of motion or R.O.M. When these R.O.Ms are reduced or when joint degrees are exceeded, skeletal muscle imbalances occur.
If tensions are not balanced the muscles that work to promote the movement of the joints, become reduced or exaggerated and the movements and physiological joint R.O.M. is not guaranteed and it may create abnormal stresses to the joint and to the muscles themselves.
We've decided to help all instructors to coach their clients, from the athletic to the elderly, who need functional recovery and for those seeking an effective method of preventing contractions in physiological R.O.M. However with our R.O.M. equipment you can avoid unnecessary and risky trauma that might occur within a workout without the supervision of a qualified trainer.



Perfect balance of strength and beauty of design

> Advanced biomechanics, design know-how and engineering come together in a technically superb and elegantly refined range of machines.
> A genuine touch of class for your Club with an exclusive feel, with its smoothly eye-catching and exceedingly stylish contours of unmistakeable style.
> New colours and smart new features will add a personal touch to the strength training area, making it unique and exclusive.
A complete line, consisting of twenty-five machines that address legs, gluteus, shoulders, mid and upper torso and arms. TECA is famous for its attention to the movements of the body. We follow the human body in all its specific physiognomy and respond with machines that answer to what muscles need with a safe execution.

When exercising there is a risk to the body, however TECA has installed a Range of Motion (R.O.M.) limiter on practically every machine for safe practice of training. This makes our machines also very attractive for physiotherapists and health practitioners, who want to assure their patient's safe training and their quick recovery.
The Seating and supporting cushions are made of superior quality leather, two-toned and hand-stitched. Smart, stylish instructions are nicely printed on the silver grey methacrylate perspex backgrounds that is safely positioned near the weight stack. We can also work closely with our clients and TECA and can offer a wide range of frame and upholstery colours.

Metallic silver refinement exclusive by Teca with the possibility of special colour blends on demand

Weight stock enclosure
Acrylic plexiglass smoke toned with clear and elegant graphic designs , with the possibility to personalise the brand of any the club.

Superior quality leather, two-toned and hand stitched, with a wide range of standard and optional colours

Graphic Design
Smart, stylish instructions on Plexiglass background / customizable with any personal brand

Devices for limiting movement (Range of Motion) on all the machines



+ efficiently
Innovation biomechanics with applied research, provides safe training with more effective and tangible results that build customer loyalty
+ versatility
Advanced machines that have an incredible variety of movements : the bipolar system and tilting pantograph and many other devices for achieving a safer workout.
+ performance
Extraordinary state of the art equipment that create a real impression for a more personal workout. You can expect more from this equipment as it allows you to precisely sculpt your body with a totally efficient workout.
+ design
Machines designed with styish curves and a modern look, for a professional modern yet glamorous atmosphere for any gymnasium
+ compact design
compact equipment that increase the space per square meter, allowing more people to train comfortably in the same space
- maintenance
Strong and reliable, a few simple precautions can minimize its assistance and maintenance.


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