Cardio Endurance


The cardio with a technological heart

A complete range of cutting-edge equipment in terms of training quality, reliability and technological value. High-performance cardio sessions for those seeking naturally effective exercises in aerobic training.

Innovative design and cutting-edge technology.

Highly professional, easy to use.

Always reliable, practically unstoppable.

Signature quality

The best electronic components available on the market for cardio equipment, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users and make exercises simple and accessible even to the uninitiated.

Smooth and noiseless motors

Inverter and electronic components

display con TV LCD integrati

Results are always guaranteed


The best mix of safety and effectiveness for training in a natural and correct position: no postural complications and excellent, fluid and powerful performance.

Smooyh and noiseless motors


Maximum fluidity and noiselessness even in deceleration: control with inverter of the motor torque and use of high quality bearings and belt drives.

Highest precision, even at the minimum


High accuracy, for a minimum speed and an increase of only 0.1 km / h each time control panel is touched. Ideal for increasing stability in case of re-education and rehabilitation.

Smart controls

Ergonomic control desks

Easy control Display

Touch sensitive buttons

To view and set data without unnatural movements.

One touch control key

For the immediate feedback of controls, activated by just touching the panel.

Window Scan Key

Ultra-fast reading of information

One touch control key

To simplify and speed up session planning.

Program Selection Key

Easy selection of programs

Technological and ecological heart

TREADMILLS,STATIONARY & ELLIPTICALS BIKES and INDOOR CYCLING assuring high-quality trai- ning while respecting nature. Cardio equipment designed to provide the best training experience and top-level performance, with sustainable technological solutions.

Best ratio between power and consumption.


Engines that represent the optimal solution to match the power needed and a more efficient energy consumption.

From 3hp up to 7,8hp

Optimized engine power

Reliability and durability

Limited need for maintenance, thanks to the elimination of consumable elements in DC motors.

Convenient Manager mode

A club manager can set up maximum exercise time, maximum speed, pause time, to check to check the total working hours and maintain the equipment in maximum efficiency.

Total safety, in every aspect.

Standard filter equipment to reduce the emission of electromagnetic fields and special antibacterial handlebars.

Ergonomic design

Integrated display, handlebars and footrest are characterized by an ergonomic design that adapts to body and posture while training.

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