Teca Easytone

TECA presenta la prima linea di attrezzature isotoniche progettate per il settore Hospitality. EasyTone è una linea composta da 14 macchine per lo sviluppo della forza muscolare, che unisce alla riconosciuta eccellenza biomeccanica TECA, la compattezza e l’intuitività. EasyTone infatti adotta dispositivi Plug & Play, per un esercizio semplice, sicuro, efficace e adatto anche a utenti meno esperti. Macchine eleganti dal design esclusivo, capaci di arredare lo spazio fitness di ogni struttura ricettiva. TECA EasyTone è disponibile in una vasta gamma di personalizzazioni.

Leg extension

This machine works-out the muscles of the quadriceps femoral and it is frequently used both to tone and build up the muscles on the front of the thigh, in a safe and effective way. It has an adjustable seat back, hand grips for improved stability during the exercise and a safety motion limiter to prevent over extension.

Leg curl

This is the perfect machine to tone and build up the muscles on the back of the thighs or femoralischial portion, in a safe and effective way. It is also fitted with adjustable padded rollers and the contoured padding specially designed to exploit the optimal workout angle, localizing the exercise and downloading the lumbar section of the column.


Fitted with four different angles, this machine allows you to train the adductor muscles of the thighs, increasing muscle tone without damaging the delicate muscle and tendon groups of the inner thigh. The exercise is carried out with the back resting against a slightly inclined surface to relieve all pressure on the spinal column. A pre-load device makes it easy to approach the machine and start the exercise.


Machine that allows to train the muscles of the hips, safely and effectively. Bringing the torso forward emphasizes the contraction focus on the middle gluteus. The handgrips can be adjusted to create four different workout positions.

Standing gluteus

This piece of equipment is ideal for developing, toning, firming up and localising the workout on the gluteals, without overloading the lower back given that the trunk is at rest during the exercise. Thanks to the height-adjustable platforms, the right position can be found for the resting limb during the exercise.

Gluteus press

Machine ideal for female users allowing maximum extension of the large gluteal, superbly isolating this muscle.

Gluteus kick

Ideal for firming, toning and developing the large gluteus muscle allowing a wide articulation. Machine equipped with a chest support, padded and adjustable in height, allowing you to maintain the correct position during exercise.


Designed to maximize the workout of the outer abdominal muscles, this machine has two ways of isolating them. Using the front rollers as foot blocks, you can simulate the abdominal crunch exercise that focuses on the upper abs. Alternatively, you can use the rear rollers to workout the abdominal part.

Low rowing

This machine allows training the upper back and dorsal muscles excellently and safely. The adjustable torso pad provides an optimal support without hindering the movement. The height of the seat can be adjusted and the contoured handgrips offer different grip options.

Chest press

Machine that allows you to train chest muscles from a very comfortable and physiological position. This machine easily adapts to any type of workout for strength, resistance, and muscle hypertrophy. Equipped with several upper and lower handles for activating the entire pectoral region. Machine equipped with converging arms for job optimization.


This machine works all pectoral and dorsal muscles at the same time. The ergonomic grip completes the technical features of this piece of equipment for a highly professional workout.

Vertical traction

This machine is the ideal solution to effectively train all the dorsal muscles. The correct posture is guaranteed by the extensive rotation, capable of giving the maximum elongation and maximum contraction.

Shoulder press

Machine that allows to work the shoulders muscles in absolute safety. It is equipped also with adjustable torso pad, to support the thoracic front and back.

Arm curl

This machine totally focuses on the biceps muscle. It has an adjustable seat and ergonomic handgrips.