Multifunctional equipment that allows you to train your arms, shoulders, chest, back, buttocks, adductors and abductors of your thighs.

It is certainly one of the most versatile tools on the market. Very useful for toning the development and strengthening of the muscles of the chest, arms, shoulders, back of the lower limbs and buttocks. Suitable for both men and women. Appropriately used it allows ample possibilities even in rehabilitation. Easy to use machine, accessible to all, safe, reliable, silent during operation. Double possibility of coupling for each side with two plate packs. On each side there is a support for the support of the hands covered in non-slip material. Two handles and a rod for the triceps are provided. The total absence of friction thanks to the TECA self-regulating sliding rod system and to the nylon-covered plate pack ensures smoothness, fluidity and silence during use even without lubricating the rods. A tool that is small in size due to its species, elegantly finished, easy to use and very useful, it is indispensable in all fitness centers and in all clubs.

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Our machines have been designed in Italy for over 30 years, with quality, attention to detail and customization.


We research and design in order to make each exercise extraordinarily effective

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