Movement and Fun

Switching Kids is a revolutionary training system for kids made up of ten isotonic machines for upright exercise: easy to use and free of adjustments, allowing you to play a fun and effective circuit training in total safety.

More Strength, More Safe

Switching Kids improves strength, muscular and cardio-respiratory resistance, keeping the muscles flexible: concrete, visible and fast results that motivate the kids to move more and more with constancy and enthusiasm.

Safe, effective and fast, it is the most fun way to grow well and in perfect shape.


Switching Kids is a system that is the ideal system for moving kids, simple, intuitive and fun, it represents a stimulating and healthy alternative to electronic games, PCs and television. Teca has the solution to thrill the movement and a healthy lifestyle full of energy.

Switching Kids expands your business

With Switching Kids you create the “club in the club” for the youngest, an opportunity to attract the whole family. Engaging and exciting.

The equipment

Switching Train Different


Resting on hands and elbows, the sole of one foot is positioned on the push lever, in slight external rotation and pushes backwards. By detaching the upper limbs, all the muscle districts involved in both movement and stabilization are involved


The best machine for the stimulation of abdominal muscles (rectus and oblique), which allows you to train the central part of the trunk, through an anterior flexion in an upright position, eliminating the negative stimuli in the shaded cervical areas present: in a classic supine position. The tool allows a physiological training also for different heights.


This tool allows you to train all the muscles of the high back without characteristic overloads that are evident in free-load movements. The adjustable anatomical support prevents annoying pressure on the sternal area, especially for girls. It is possible to perform the movement by detaching the chest from the support and on a single limb.

Chest Press

The machine favors the stretching of the arms forward with vertical or horizontal grip. With this tool it is possible to perform the movement of relaxation also on a single support and with one arm (crossing support limb with arm in opposite movement).


In position with knees supported, tractions are carried out by bringing the handles to shoulder level (slightly in front of them). With this tool it is possible to realize a traction with a knee detached from the support and with only one hand in hold.


The distension of the arms in vertical position performed in feet (with a limb moved forward with respect to the other) allows a limited trapezium intervention, thanks to a lower overloading of the ligamentous structures of the shoulder joint. Relaxation is also performed on a single support and with a single arm.


The muscles of the arms flex towards the face with a supporting limb slightly forward with respect to the other. The natural position of the handle avoids putting the wrist joint under strain: it is possible to perform the movement even on only one supporting limb.


On this tool it is allowed to vary the gripping position for a greater, more natural and personalized movement. It is also possible to perform the exercise on only one supporting limb.


The anatomic supports allow positioning with slightly bent knees: the distance between the two feet can be changed, spreading the points as the ends are distanced from each other. This tool allows you to perform the lunge movement and also (when the knee is stretched) to move into abduction, kick or flex the hip


Training that reflects the movement normally performed when lifting a load with the hands with an advanced leg. The machine stimulates the musculature of the thighs (anterior and medial) and of the large and medium buttocks, in a perfectly effective and because progressive and physiological eventual way.

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