Circuits Equipment

Dynamic strength

Circuit training is designed for whole-body strength. Dynamic strength training combines the benefits of anaerobic and aerobic training for a resilient, toned and high-performance physique.

Slimming and toning, muscle definition and performance are the most popular goals. Scientific and effective methods are needed to promote the culture of exercising in a short time.

Compared to traditional training, lipolytic-functional circuit training areas reduce the duration of sessions and enhance results: intuitive equipment and dynamic training bring people closer and motivate them to exercise in the gym.

Standing strength circuit

Circuit training combined with upright strength training becomes an excellent cardiovascular workout, with clear benefits for health, fitness and performance.

The Switching circuit allows strength training in a dynamic manner, responding in a targeted manner to scientific indications on the most suitable exercise for reducing overweight. Muscle work on standing equipment preserves lean mass for proper weight loss and a toned physique.

Lower body system

To reshape the lower limbs, the muscles in the three planes of movement must be activated. Research shows that targeted circuit training with overloads is more effective.

Circuit training with the Legs&Glutes system allows localised action for the female physique. Training in succession allows focussed, alternating and progressive stimulation of the legs and buttocks by means of resistance using the overload principle.

Core training method

For a strong core and defined abdomen, not just one exercise but a precise combination of movements and focused, alternating and progressive intensity stimulation is sufficient.

ABSolute is the first system is the first complete core training system with a sequential, alternating and progressive method and integrated, focused exercises involving all abdominal muscles for an intuitive, safe and effective workout in just 5 minutes.

Functional training zone

To improve physical efficiency and muscle development by increasing core activation, functional free-body training must reduce the risk of injury and optimise training through the use of stable yet versatile surfaces.

Teca Bench, the multifunctional bench, step and plyometric box for high-intensity strength and cardiovascular training, facilitates and organises free-body functional training, with or without accessories. Exercise in a sitting, lying, standing or supported position, in complete safety.

Discover TECA's lines for Dynamic Strength


The first strength and cardio training line together, stand up

The strength machine circuit for slimming by increasing muscle tone, and improving strength, endurance and posture with short, engaging workouts.

The exclusive lower body system for women

Innovative system with multi-stimulation equipment for legs and buttocks and a scientific protocol with guaranteed results.

Legs & Glutes


The only dedicated area for core training

Sculpted abs and slim waist in just 5 minutes: 6 multi-exercise stations and a tested alternating, sequential and progressive method.

The complete gym in one square metre

Bench, step and plyo box that organises and simplifies functional training with a variety of exercises and accessories.

Teca Bench