Functional meets Fitness in less than one square meter

The MINI-GYM that simplifies and organizes functional training

Minimum space,
maximum profitability

TECA BENCH is a mini gym with everything you need for effective training, in a sitting, lying, leaning, or standing position.

In very little space there is everything you need for strength training, with or without overloads, and high intensity cardiovascular training.

TECA BENCH has been designed with design, functionality and reliability in mind, optimizing space with compact lines, rounded edges, ergonomic multi-sockets.

Each accessory finds its perfect place before and after the lesson. This eliminates the disorder, confusion and waste of time between one exercise and another with the aim of optimizing training.


  • 6 pairs of 3-4-5-6-7-8 kg chromed steel dumbbells
  • 1 pair of rubber bands with handles



  • Kettlebell
  • Medical balls
  • Slam ball
  • Battle Rope

A workout for everyone

TECA BENCH allows a fast and effective workout for users of different fitness levels, from beginners to the most experienced athlete, and can be successfully inserted in:

  • Strength training fitness centers
  • Personal training studies
  • Functional areas
  • Physio-rehabilitation centers
  • Corporate gyms
  • Sport centers
  • Bootcamp lessons


Like all our products, TECA BENCH is extremely resistant and tested to last over time. Made of cold-rolled steel, it has a top in polyurethane and vinyl coated with high intensity and non-deformability, which makes the top comfortable and resistant to sit, lie down or jump on.


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