Full Body Equipment

Global strength

Only a strong physique allows the right balance between aesthetics, performance and functionality
but to achieve this, it is not enough to train isolated muscles: it is necessary to consider
a new concept of global strength training.

For an optimal physique, it is not enough to develop the individual muscle, but to strengthen the entire body by training it with systems that enable a strong physique.

Teca has taken on board the indications of science and new market demands by expanding its research on strength training from the individual muscle to the human body as a whole and in its most natural and physiological position, standing, over the last two decades.

Standing Workout concept

Static postures and isolated training are not functional in everyday life. For a strong physique, the body must be trained globally, with multi-joint exercises in the kinetic chain.


To feel good, live better and longer, in other words to have a strong physique, one must train strength. But to build physical efficiency, training individual muscles in isolation is not enough. You need to train the body as a whole, and the most natural way to do this is with multi-joint, kinetic chain and standing exercises. Stand-up technology addresses the human body as a whole with the first global strength training.

Multiplanar system

Optimal performance in sport requires multiplanar and multiaxial exercises that train the athletic gesture with maximum freedom of movement in space.

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The body moves in several dimensions. Only exercises in a standing position and in the three planes of movement involving several joints, activating the kinetic chains and maximum muscle synergy, best support athletic preparation and post-injury recovery. Multiplanar’s independent arm evolution for multi-axial and multi-articular exercises meets the most current and specific demands of fitness and sport.

Discover TECA lines for global strength

Stand Up

The first machines for global strength

An innovative, patented technology that trains the human body as a complete system with kinetic chain exercises.

The sport, rehab and functional standing line

The evolution of the standing workout: 4stations for multiple, multi-axial and multi-articular exercises on the three planes of movement.