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The 12 best sellers of TECA isotonic featuring excellence in biomechanics designed to meet the expectations of who wants more from training

special advanced biomechanics

The special biomechanics allow the muscles to be trained precisely and effectively.

Exclusive devices guarantee safety:

The unique Teca SAC® technology allows the selectorized machines to self-adapt to the user.  Self Adaptive Control® ensures a automatically-adjusted user positions to optimally align and maintain joint position throughout motion, this also reducing stress on joints, improves stability and provides a pre-stretch most machines don’t have.

Multiplies the possibility of multi-planar trajectories

Available on backrests and footrests, it protects the spine and joints, even under high loads.


  • Triple use: Fitness – Sport - Rehab
  • Superior biomechanics and unique devices
  • Natural movement
  • Wide selection of over 60 units
  • Versatile and space saving
  • Solid and ergonomic
  • Maximum usability
  • Designed and Made in Italy



  • SP 900 – Multifunzione

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  • TECA SP560 Dorsi Pecto

    Dorsi Pecto

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  • Leg press Advanced Plate Loaded

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  • Hack squat Advanced Plate Loaded

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  • Rear Delt

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  • Deltoid

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  • Advanced Chest Press

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  • Rowing

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  • Pec Deck

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  • Leg Press

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  • Hack Squat

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  • Arm curl

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