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Innovative technologies for superior biomechanics
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The strength specialist

Teca is the only specialised brand created to transform training and take strength to new levels with cutting-edge products designed and manufactured in Italy.

Teca è l’unico brand specializzato, nato per trasformare l’allenamento e portare la forza a nuovi livelli con prodotti all’avanguardia, progettati e realizzati in Italia.

Athletic man and woman

Teca strength training

There is no one type of force, no one machine for all users:

this is why it is essential that everyone trains the right kind of strength to achieve the best results in fitness and sport, wellbeing and longevity.


science first

If it is not inspired by science, it is not a Teca machine

Guided by research, TECA has always developed machines for a complete, effective, natural and safe training. For these reasons, Teca products will continue to evolve as scientific research progresses.

The innovation

Cutting-edge technology for superior results

The innovation

Stand Up®

Total Muscle Activation

Discover the first strength machines that train the body comprehensively.

An advanced technology that trains the human body as a complete system, with kinetic chain exercises. sostituire con STAND UP is an advanced technology that trains the human body as a complete system, with kinetic chain exercises

Build a strong and resilient physique, ready for any challenge.

Why TECA STAND UP® is functional for life?

New product



You position yourself and train, right away.

Strength has never been so inviting:
intuitive, refined and ultra-compact machines.

New technology

Preparatevi a sperimentare una nuova prospettiva
di allenamento della forza con STAND UP

Self Adaptive Control®

When it is the machine that follows you.

Why limit yourself to a predetermined, standardised movement? TECA SAC® self-adapts the tool to your movement and amplifies trajectories


Train strength dynamically on specialised areas with the only machines designed for metabolic-functional circuit training.



5 minutes
10 mq
150 reps

Never so fast, so effective, so entertaining.

Discover the scientific method of TECA ABSolute, the first core zone for sculpted abs and a slim waist.

Scopri il metodo scientifico di TECA ABSolute, la prima core zone per addominali scolpiti e vita snella.


is the new cardio

It’s proven: standing circuit strength training with overloads burns more calories than cardio. Even at rest.

smart solutions

In un mondo sempre più attento alla sostenibilità, Teca progetta sistemi Zero Consumi e Salva spazio

In un mondo sempre più attento alla sostenibilità,
Teca progetta sistemi Zero Consumi e Salva spazio
"Progettiamo il futuro del nostro settore, oggi.
Ti aiutiamo ad abbattere i consumi e ad aumentare il risultati con soluzioni innovative, intelligenti e sostenibili."
Deolo Falcone
CEO & Founder TECA

Smart solutions

"La mia sala attrezzi consuma zero"

Il tuo cardio usato puoi usarlo ancora. Come anticipo.

Il tuo cardio usato
puoi usarlo ancora.
Come anticipo.

Lo permutiamo come acconto per apparecchiature e sistemi di training evoluti che non pesano sulla bolletta e non sprecano energia. Così ci guadagni tu e anche l’ambiente.

Permuta il tuo cardio

Converti il tuo cardio in anticipo per nuove attrezzature, più performanti e sostenibili

Business solutions


The ultimate women fitness concept
inspired by the Italian art of beauty

Discover the most effective method for the beauty and health of every woman

Open or renovate your gym
without going to the bank

Apri o rinnova la tua palestra senza andare in banca

Teca Rent

Operational rental

Why compromise and give up the quality of your tools if you can get the best with TECA Rent?

TECA Rent is the operational rental that renovates your gym and makes it exclusive, profitable and sustainable, without effort


100% Italian

Design, quality, innovation.
Made in Italy exclusivity.

100% Italian

Design, qualità innovazione.
Esclusività made in Italy.

Hanno già scelto TECA

Visit the Teca lab

Discover how the most innovative strength solutions are created, inspired by science and tested in the 2,000 m2 Teca Lab, where you can see them in action live and with real users.

Teca News

news from the world of training and science

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TECA: gym equipment

With decades of history behind it, TECA Fitness is a manufacturer of professional gym equipment for strength training that stands for quality, innovation and reliability. Thanks to its relentless drive to improve fitness across the board, Teca has from the outset been a company with a strong propensity for innovation, thus carving out a prominent place for itself among manufacturers of gym equipment.

Teca develops state of-the-art gym equipment- that makes training easier, safer and more effective. Teca gym machines enable various types of strength training and meet the fitness, prevention, performance and health needs of a wide range of users. Research, creativity and innovative spirit have made it possible to meet the needs of fitness centres, wellness centres, hotels, sports federations and physiotherapy centres.


Professional equipment for gyms and PT studios

With the professional gym equipment Teca it is possible to train not only individual muscles but the whole body with a range of products targeted for each strength dimension. The ideal line for isolated training is Advanced. These are machines with excellent biomechanics, equipped with great inventions such as the biarticular, tilt and -pantograph- system. Innovative control devices such as SAC and MME, ensure greater safety during training and allow a wide range of exercises on the same machine.

With Stand Up, the first upright gym machines it is possible to train the entire body with global strength, multi-joint and functional kinetic chain exercises. Training on Stand Up is the most suitable answer for the user who needs to feel good, live better and longer. In other words, to build a strong physique.

The metabolic-functional circuit Switching allows you to develop a toned, lean and high-performance physique. Whether it’s to lose weight, tone up, improve endurance, correct posture and balance or have more energy and vitality, with Teca’s high-impact metabolic gym equipment, every user will always have the best results.


Professional fitness equipment for complete gymnasium

With Teca’s turnkey business solutions, it is possible to set up a new centre, create a specialised area in an existing gymnasium or renovate a fleet of fitness equipment. With Teca’s professional equipment, every type of fitness centre can be enhanced. In a traditional gym, for example, you can enhance the isotonic area with Fitness machines from the -Prestige- triple use line for fitness, sport and rehab. Or create a pro corner with Advanced isotonic equipment to allow everyone, even the less experienced, to train like a pro.

With the right equipment, you can set up a targeted area within the club or open a new ultra-specialised centre to offer your customers a unique and complete fitness experience.

Circuit systems such as Switching, Core zone and Teca Bench are the most suitable for creating a complete and effective metabolic gym, while Woman is the essential element for creating an exclusive women’s club. The gym equipment of a -studio pt- should also be chosen with care. For a more qualified service, quality equipment such as Multiplanar, capable of high performance, is needed.


Space-saving compact gym equipment

For a space-saving complete gym, you need to choose equipment that is compact and versatile without sacrificing quality. EasyTone is a line of small, service-free gym equipment that combines compactness, intuitiveness and elegance.

With its plug’n’train technology, minimal adjustments and elegant design, EasyTone is ideal for outfitting and training a wide range of users in all areas where a simple, safe, fast and accessible workout is required. With a footprint of only 73/110 cm per machine, it takes up 40% less space than all other lines of isotonic gym equipment on the market. Compact, but also easy to use and extremely stylish: the fitness machines of the EasyTone line furnish every fitness space and bring new targets to strength training, such as women or senior citizens.


Professional gym equipment made in Italy

Choosing the right gym equipment means allowing everyone, from beginners to the most experienced, to train with maximum comfort, safety and effectiveness. The fitness equipment must be chosen carefully, depending on the type of club you want to set up: a traditional centre or a specialised gym.

A gym for women only, a multigym or a -metabolic gym- are examples of qualified clubs with well defined targets and services. In these cases, the choice of fitness equipment must be adapted as closely as possible to the specific demands of the end consumer.

If, on the other hand, you want to focus on a traditional fitness centre, you need to divide the room into separate zones: the first dedicated to isotonic equipment, the second to cardio fitness. When setting up the cardio fitness area, it is important to consider aspects such as the intensive use of the machines and the time steps. One solution to make the cardio fitness area more effective could be to create a metabolic zone with a lipolytic-functional circuit Switching. This is a much more effective training solution than traditional aerobic training and more attractive to club users.

Teca offers several compact and easy solutions, without sacrificing athlete-proof training.


Professional equipment for sports centres

Research and innovative spirit have enabled Teca to create gym equipment with advanced biomechanics, for all-round use, from fitness to sport. Thanks to technological innovation, Teca fitness equipment allows even the most demanding users, such as sportsmen and women, to train at their best and optimise their performance, on and off the field.

Advanced biomechanics and unique devices allow all of Teca’s selectorised isotonic equipment to be used in three ways: physical culture, fitness and rehabilitation. A wide range of equipment, including the Prestige machines with Rom limiter as standard, the Advanced products with Sac, Vap and MME devices, or the Stand Up and Multiplanar lines, promote correct, precise and safe training of the sporting gesture.


Professional equipment for medical centres

Continuous research has led Teca to create advanced gymnastic machines that train everyone to the best of their ability while promoting functional recovery and post-injury rehabilitation. Technology and high biomechanics have made it possible to develop professional equipment with minimal impact on joints to enable even patients in health care facilities to exercise safely.

Professional fitness equipment for medical centres is one of the best tools for rehabilitation. Whether it is recovery from injury or trauma, or accidents during competitive activities, a wide range of Teca equipment allows for safe rehabilitation. Thanks to the ROM limiter, a safety device that limits the amplitude of joint excursion to reduce traumas and injuries, and devices such as SAC, VAP and MME, Teca equipment supports rehabilitation paths in the best possible way.