The Strength Specialist

Equipment and solutions for Fitness & Wellness made in Italy

Isotonic machines for muscle development in isolation

Three different isotonic lines to satisfy everyone, from the beginner to the elite athlete

Isotonic machines for global muscle development

The first strength machines with kinetic chain training for a strong and resilient physique

Lipolytic-functional circuits and specialized areas

The cardiovascular revolution to speed up your metabolism and get back in shape in no time


who we are

Design & Made in Italy

Inspired by science, we have been making state-of-the-art fitness equipment in Italy since 1985 that allow correct, safe and effective exercises.

product innovation

TECA StandUp

The first strength machine that trains you exactly how you live. Standing. This is training.

product innovation

TECA Easytone

Elegance that amazes. Ease of use that surprises. The most intuitive and compact TECA isotonic line ever.

business innovation


The winning business model for highly profitable gyms. A super-equipped room in 60-80-100 square meters

Dynamic, ultramodern and above all high profitability, Microgym TECA is the club model that resizes spaces, investments and expenses while increasing the quality, diversification and effectiveness of services:

Proximity Gym

Fitness where people live and work. Microgym arrives in places where other clubs cannot be (places not available, high rents, lack of parking)

More Yield

Multi-target and compact machines to increase the production capacity of every single square meter of the center: train more clients in less space with different trainings,
individually or in groups.

Less Expenses, More Earnings

Simple and accessible fitness to train independently and contain personnel costs

Designed with People in Mind

TECA concepts and machines adapt to those who use them,
not vice versa: for this reason they enhance the exercise without risk of injury.

Fitness for Everyone

We create innovative machines that ensure correct posture and more precise and safe movements, making them accessible even to the less experienced.

business innovation


Perché scendere a compromessi e rinunciare alla qualità dei tuoi attrezzi se puoi avere il massimo con TECA Rent?

TECA Rent è il noleggio operativo che rende la tua palestra esclusiva, redditizia e sostenibile.

Oggi puoi aprire o rinnovare la tua palestra con questo strumento concesso direttamente da TECA. Elabora gratuitamente il tuo piano di noleggio operativo e fai decollare il tuo centro fitness.

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FIBO Innovation Award