Muscle equipment

Selective strength

Deep stimulation of individual muscles, physiological work plans for maximum freedom of movement and correct postural alignment for more correct, safe and effective exercise.

Isolated strength machines must minimise the risk of injury during training. Only in this way is it possible to precisely shape each muscle, enhance sports performance or support functional recovery.

The special biomechanics of the Teca equipment allow muscles to be trained with precision and in total isolation. Exclusive devices guarantee total safety.

SAC - Self Adaptive

The isolated strength machine must facilitate correct joint alignment to ensure greater stability and reduce the risk of injury.

With SAC technology, the machine adapts to the user and guides them through each phase of the movement, for safer and more effective exercise.

VAP - Variable Altitude Pantograph

The greatest challenge when training the lower limbs on equipment such as the Hack squat or Leg press is to minimize joint stress.

The VAP system on the backrests and footplates assists movement and reduces stress on the foot, knee and lumbar region, even at high loads.

MME - Multiple Movement of Exercises

The guided movement constrains the user on predefined trajectories that do not suit everyone and do not allow for variation of the exercise on the same machine.

Independent arm machines with the MME design allow movement on multiple trajectories, for multiple exercises and in total safety.

Discover TECA's lines for isolated force


The only isotonic line triple business.

An elegant high-performance line. Special devices for maximum performance in total safety for fitness, sport and rehab.

Scientific effectiveness,
biomechanical excellence

Selection of state-of-the-art machines with excellent biomechanics, to meet the needs of those who want more from their training.



User-friendly equipment, plug 'n' train technology

The first zero-adjustment isotonic machines. Exclusive design and total ergonomics for the most intuitive and compact line on the market.

Versatility and safety for every exercise

Plate loaded with the most correct biomechanics, racks and benches and everything you need to integrate the club’s range of machines.

Free weights


Indispensable in the club, practical and resistant

A wide range of accessories and free weights, to complete isolated muscle training with the widest variety of exercises.