Dorsi Pecto

This tool has a double possibility of use. The first provision to train the large backbone with a maximal articular excursion of over 180 degrees per arm, the second supply to train the pectorals in all their breadth and in particular the lower portion stressed by the crossed closing at the bottom of the arms.

Again a TECA machine that has no similar and astounds with its functions. As the name shows, it trains the Grande dorsal with a bilateral movement of adduction of the upper limb 180 ° in a sitting position and with the back facing the plate pack. The exercise can be done with simultaneous action of the arms or with alternating movement of the same. Physiologists argue that to fully train the Great Dorsalis, the upper limb must make an arc of 180 ° and this is easily possible today thanks to this wonderful tool. By varying the position, or sitting in front of the machine, the Great Pectoral Muscle is trained with a continuous and fluid tension that accentuates muscle isolation.

The movement is similar to the Cross-over to the cables, but definitely safer and more convenient and therefore easy for everyone. In this position it is possible to finish the movement with the anatomical arms shaped on the sides of the hips, or by bringing the legs back, finish the movement with a perfect closure at the bottom in front of the pelvis; each variant is reflected in the type of training you intend to do. The padded seat is adjustable in height, therefore suitable for any type of stature. The thoracic-dorsal support is padded, tilting and self-adjusting and adapts perfectly to any subject. The cams ensure constant and physiological muscle tension during each function. The nylon-coated plate pack ensures silence and smoothness. Of beautiful proportions and excellent design, compact in size and well finished. Further confirmation of TECA’s technical and production capabilities.

Height-adjustable seat for better use by people of varying stature
Anatomic and independent arms for a unique work on the ridges and pectorals
Self Adjusting Pad System padded and self-adjusting thoracic support
Smooth Weight Stack System packet plate covered in Nylon
Variable resistance
Technical data
Plate packkg100
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