SP210C - Sitting curl

This machine allows you to train the flexor muscles of the thigh from unusual angles, in total safety.

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This machine is specific for training the thigh flexors from a sitting position. In this way the action is localized to a greater extent towards the distal portion of said muscles (near the popliteal fossa). The particular angle of the seat and backrest is the result of studies, research and tests aimed at reducing the incidence of gravity on the spine and the lumbarising and compressive effect during concentric muscular action. The R.O.M. it allows to reduce the lumbar flexor action during the eccentric phase in all cases of hypoestensibility and retraction of the flexors of the thigh, through a reduction of the working angle. Equipped with an adjustable padded foot rest, a variable height stop to lock the knees and a bilateral foot rest. Ideal tool for working the thigh flexors in complete safety and from unusual angles, it is very useful for toning, developing and re-educating them, in a comfortable and complete way. Particularly suitable for low back pain patients who do not want to neglect to train the thigh flexors.

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