There is real progress when the results are for everyone.

Power tools at the forefront of biomechanics, which redesign the body
with a physiologically correct and performing exercise, for experts and non-experts.

Una complete and versatile line: over 40 machines to train the whole body with maximum
effectiveness and give the muscles a more focused and precise stimulation, in total safety.

Elegant, ergonomic and solid structures
for a natural and comfortable training,
more akin to human physiology.

Exclusive devices that allow
to the tool to adapt to the body and to the body guide him at every stage of the movement.

Machines with exceptional variety of
exercises, for absolute precision
and diversification of training.

Scientific efficacy,
biomechanical excellence.

Biomechanical innovation allows for more inspired and scientifically inspired training, guided by scientific research. Machines equipped with great inventions: the bi-articular, tilting and pantograph system and exclusive control devices to make the movement safer.

Correct guided

Exclusive systems able to guide the user in the execution of the most correct movement on predefined ranges, able to preserve the performance and biomechanics.


Self Adaptive

Advanced device that allows the tool
to adapt to the motor gesture of the user,
totally respecting the physiology of making the exercise more natural and intuitive.


More than 30 exercises on one tool

Advanced machines on which to perform a greater number of exercises and variations of movement, for a safer and more precise workout that satisfies even the most demanding performers.

Online exercises guide

A unique photo-video guide shows the correct execution
of all the possible movements with photos of beginning and end of exercise and videos at 360 °.

Total security

Preventing postural problems should be part of the primary vision of each club.
Therapists, personal trainers and instructors can today increase prevention
and face functional recovery, improving the welfare of their customers.
Teca allows the physiological control of the working angle with the equipment of the ROM devices on triple use tools: fitness, prevention and recovery. Extraordinary.

Range of motion limiter

The joints move through physiological articular degrees defined range of movement or R.O.M (Range of Motion); when these joint degrees are reduced or exceeded, skeletal muscle imbalances occur. The R.O.M. avoid unnecessary and risky traumas that could occur with training without the control of the range of movement.

Solidity and durability

Tested for intense professional use Teca isotonic machines do not require special maintenance operations e they have a virtually unlimited duration.


Optimized spaces

More compact tools that increase the yield per square meter, allowing for more people to train conveniently optimizing the spaces.


Used that is worth

As for a car, quality is also measured by the ability to hold the market; a TECA machine does not lose value in time and always has possible buyers.



maintenance interventions in the first three years of life


+ space / sqm

-20% overall dimensions compared to the most widespread isotonic machines


+ 15% average rating

on the used market


Italian design

Elegant Italian style, with attention to detail and a design coordinated between the various lines:
even with the inclusion of machines of other lines the image of the club is always harmonious.

Metallic paints exclusives
and possibilities of
special finishes on-demand.

Cover of the plate pack in
toned plexiglass for a
high impact effect.

Fine fabrics and
top-stitching by hand, with
combinations standard and optional.

Clear instruction tables
and precise and
decorative graphics
customizable on request.